Regional Municipality of York EMS Centre

Full Scope Project Management – Regional Municipality of York – EMS Centre

York Region EMS Headquarters

Matrix Management Corp. was selected to provide full scope project management for the development of the Regional Municipality of York’s new Emergency Medical Services Operations Centre, to be located in the Town of East Gwillimbury.

As part of the Infrastructure Stimulus Funding Program, this 67,000 sq. ft. facility will be EMS’s new headquarters centralizing the administration, training and logistical support in support of over 400 Paramedics operating from community paramedic response stations throughout the Region.

The facility’s administration component will comprise office and meeting space to accommodate approximately 50 staff as well as facilities for processing and storing legislated records.

York EMS PlanThe facility will provide for training and simulation lab space to accommodate the continuing training and recertification of the Region’s 400 paramedics. The facility will also provide for the maintenance of all equipment and vehicles used by Paramedics. There will be a warehouse to store medical supplies, accessory equipment and uniforms to outfit Paramedics and support all fleet assets and Paramedic Response Stations. The garage space will be built to house up to 26 ambulances as well as a high speed vehicle wash system.

The facility will be a post disaster building and LEED Silver certified. It will incorporate a number of environmental design initiatives including a low impact development pond feature that will collect roof drainage water and slowly release it back to the ground. The facility will also include many energy efficiency measures, water recycling and numerous high efficiency measures.

Matrix Management Corp. will also be responsible for the project management of all subdivision development aspects of the project including for the extension of Bales Drive East and all utilities.

We are pleased to be working with the Region of York on this highly important project that will improve emergency medical services for the rapidly growing number of residents in York Region.

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