MATRIX MANAGEMENT CORP. has extensive experience in managing projects and programs through a structured, disciplined methodology, including for PMI practice and financial risk management measures designed to mitigate uncertainty.

Programs and National Projects - International Programs and Projects

Our approach includes maintaining an overview of projects, knowing the company's (client's) strategy and ensuring that both go hand in hand.

Supportive - Controlling - Directive - Reducing Uncertainty

  • Compiling and Prioritizing Projects Based on the Strategy and Circumstances
  • Planning and Optimizing Resources at the Portfolio Level, Resolving Resource Conflicts
  • Standardizing Methods, Processes, Project Policies, Monitoring Compliance with Project Standards, Controls and Templates
  • Increasing Transparency of Current and Planned Projects Through Up-To-Date, Reliable Project Data
  • Promoting Information Flow and Communication
  • Creating a Knowledge Base with Lessons Learned and Best Practices to Avoid Repeating Errors, and to Constantly Improve Project Delivery -- Reduce Uncertainty
  • Monitoring Project Progress and Controlling Dependencies (Portfolio Tracking) Across Projects
  • Training and Coaching Project Leaders and Stakeholders
  • Providing Administrative and Operational Support for Project Managers and Project Team (Conflict Management, Workshop Modernization)