Sustainable Development Consulting

MATRIX MANAGEMENT CORP. provides project management and coordination of the multi-disciplinary green development and building process enabling the client to obtain LEED certification. We optimize the 6 established categories of LEED for new development and existing building renovations and retrofits; Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.

The LEED ratings of Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum provide progressively improved building performance and energy conservation resulting in progressively decreased lifecycle costs and green house gas emissions.

We work as both project manager and consultant in an integrated development process with the project team to ensure that the LEED certification sought is obtained, by including for the following:

  • Development of objectives, strategy and master planning for sustainable site development
  • Technical consulting and advice during the development planning stage
  • LEED budgeting, evaluation and cost benefit analysis
  • LEED charrette and ongoing integrated design team facilitation
  • LEED certification process coordination and management
  • Incentive coordination
  • Plans, specifications and contract conditions reviews
  • Construction process reviews for LEED compliance
  • Marketing support for LEED certified building
  • Client and team support throughout the project

The LEED process results in high-quality product that maximizes the owner's return on investment. Over their lifecycles, green buildings use less energy and water, generate less green house gases and other pollutants, use materials wisely and produce less waste. They cost less to operate; are more adaptable to new uses and typically have longer economic lives. Occupants are more comfortable in green buildings, with their excellent ventilation, thermal comfort, and natural light. Green buildings minimize the use of harmful materials and reduce the likelihood of biological contaminants such as molds. Occupant's lives and satisfaction are enhanced by providing restorative views, plentiful outdoor air and greater personal control of internal conditions. By providing healthier buildings, sick building syndrome is reduced as well as the likelihood of absenteeism along with improved employee morale.

Green design has environmental, economic and social benefits for all stakeholders including owners, occupants and the general public. They are essential to support sustainable patterns of living.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience in delivering projects from conception through completion and our abilities to plan and advise on sustainable development within site specific conditions.